The effects of the active ingredients in LIVPRO

The effects of the active ingredients in LIVPRO

1. Milk Thistle which grows in the Mediterranean. Since medicine discovered substance in milk thistle silymarin has therapeutic effects, the plants have been planted around the world.

Effect of Silymarin seems: Stable liver cell membrane, supporting to prevent the entry of toxins into the liver.

Increase protein synthesis in liver cells by stimulating activity of RNA polymerase, contribute to detoxify the liver.

Promote the recovery of liver cells have been destroyed, stimulating the growth of new liver cells to replace cells destroyed liver.

Inhibited the variability of liver fibrosis organizations, reducing the formation and deposition of collagen fibers leading to cirrhosis. Helping patients with alcoholic cirrhosis live longer.

Anti-lipid peroxide, increase hepatic fatty acid oxidation, stabilizes the inflammatory cells, inhibit inflammation, reduce the levels of liver enzymes, improves the symptoms of liver diseases such as fatty liver , Hepatitis.

Significantly reduce the growth of cancer cells, angiogenesis, as well as the formation of insulin resistance.

2. Schisandra extract: Effects regenerate damaged liver tissue, components of Schisandra lignin protective clear liver.

Increased glycogen storage, increases glucose utilization.

Schisandra is the antibacterial drugs, protect the liver, heart and sedative powers.

Anti-hepatotoxic effects. The lignans in Schisandra works to reduce liver damage in hepatitis cases of chronic viral.

Schisandra is used to support to treat chronic hepatitis with elevated serum transaminase levels, liver damage, fatigue, night sweats, insomnia, stress, strong... This medicine also works to recover liver function and rapidly reduces serum ALT in chronic hepatitis, cytochrome P450 stimulation increases the ability to detoxify the body. Schisandra increases protein synthesis in the liver and increases the activity of the liver corpuscles, corpuscles This increases the ability to detoxify and increase liver function.

3. Artichoke Leaf Extract: Antioxidants cynarin and silymarin in the artichoke is useful for liver, the effects of liver function recovery.

The research results of the US Department of Agriculture showed that artichoke contains more antioxidants than other vegetables. Some antioxidants found in artichokes as quercertin (anti-cancer compound, promotes the activity of the immune system), rutin (enhancing stamina and strength of the capillary vessels, making the vessels supple and more elastic, increased permeability, preventing the risk of brittle rupture, rupture), anthocyanins (natural organic compound that helps the body against UV radiation, inflammation and cancer), cynarin (compound choleretic effect), luteolin (anti-aging compounds brain and encephalitis), silymarin (powerful antioxidants).

4. Dandelion Leaf and Root Powder: Dandelion roots have diuretic, detoxifying the liver and stimulates considerable bile. Slightly bitter taste, it has a mild laxative effect.

Dandelion root is one of the best herbal detoxification. It kind of waste residues in the liver and gall bladder, stimulates the kidneys into the urine toxins and stimulate the toxins regularly due to infection or contamination. Salad made from the leaves can be used to detoxify.

5. Millefolium P.E Achillea: The herbs can support to treat multiple body problems such as wounds and minor bleeding, reduce stress and reduce inflammation, swelling. Yarrow is also used to support to treat symptoms of anorexia, infection, fever - signs of liver cancer last stage.