Meno Balance - Vyoga

Meno Balance - Vyoga

With the benefits of Yoga help reduce stress, the risk of heart disease, weight loss ... today there are many people enjoy this sport with the goal for improving health.
Balance Balance and Weight Reduce product have been with Club Members Vyoga in Member Festival taken place on Nov 6th 2017. The member is not only engaged a specialized health specialist for the needs of each individual, but also consultants provide knowledge about health, weight loss, as well as a roadmap to improve the uncomfortable symptoms during pre-menopause, bring to them HAPPY COMFORTABLE SPIRIT IN LIFE and BURN FAT KEEP FIT


Meno Balance and Weight Reduce was displayed at Vyoga Member Festival on Nov 6th 2016


Member was consulted and got knowledge for improving uncomfortable symptoms in pre-menopause by game and gift


Members are introduced diet action and enjoy game​


Member got gift from joining game